Wisconsin Badgers Gameday Tailgating

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Coleman Wisconsin Badgers InstaStart Tailgate Grill

Take any Badgers tailgate party to the next level with the Coleman InstaStart grill! Easily transported wherever you may roam this propane grill offers an even grilling surface Coleman?€™s Instastart technology that allows for fast dependable lighting without matches and Coleman?€™s PerfectFlow regulation system that provides consistent performance despite cold weather high altitudes or when fuel is low. The grill also features a lockable porcelain lid that not only allows for easy transport but also can be closed during cooking for efficient grilling. Plus the cook-top and other cooking surfaces are dishwasher safe making clean-up after a rowdy tailgate party a snap!




$ 129.95

Wisconsin Badgers 8-Pack Polka Dot Dinner Plates

Get the party going with these fun dinner plates! Each 8-pack of 10.5″ paper plates features a fun polka dot pattern on a team color background so you can add some festive Badgers spirit to your next tailgating party.




$ 6.95

Wisconsin Badgers Polka Dot Luncheon Napkins

Add that little extra team spirit to your game day celebrations with these bright polka dot napkins! Each pack includes twenty 13″ x 13″ 3-ply paper napkins. These sturdy napkins will keep you and your guests clean while proving that you are the ultimate Badgers fan.




$ 5.95

Wisconsin Badgers 10-Pack 16oz. Team Slogan Foam Cups

Don’t miss an opportunity to show off some team pride at your next tailgate with this 10-pack of fun foam cups. Each cup features “Go Badgers Go!” in vibrant team-colored lettering on both sides so you’ll always have your team pride handy!




$ 6.95

Wisconsin Badgers Team Logo EyeBlack Strips

Get your game face on with these EyeBlack Strips! Featuring a 2-pair set of stick-on strips with a team logo in the middle this game day accessory is sure to psych out the competition and make you look just like your favorite Badgers player!




$ 3.95

Wisconsin Badgers 55” x 23” Inflatable Buffet – Black

Your game day parties are epic ?€“ just ask anyone within a mile of your tailgate spot and they?€™ll agree. You?€™ve got the best jams burgers and drinks to go around but only if your guests are Wisconsin fans. Now your pre-party planning just got a whole lot easier with the Badgers Inflatable Buffet! This essential game day accessory can hold ice drinks and food plus it features Badgers graphics along each side a drainage plug and a handy patch kit in case any fans get a little crazy. It conveniently fits on the back of cars or atop any sturdy table to enhance your exciting tailgate parties!




$ 27.95

Wisconsin Badgers 4-Pack Temporary Nail Tattoos

Let your Badgers pride show all the way to your fingertips with these temporary team logo nail tattoos! Each pack includes four sheets with five tattoos and directions on each sheet. They’re easy to apply and perfect for that last little accent to your game day garb.




$ 1.95

Wisconsin Badgers 4-Pack Waterless Temporary Tattoos

Take your Badgers game day style to the next level with this 4-pack of temporary tattoos featuring stylized team graphics. These press-on temporary tattoos come printed on clear hypoallergenic medical tape and don’t require water for application so you can quickly brand yourself with vibrant team pride and have plenty of time left for the tailgate!




$ 3.95

Wisconsin Badgers 4-Pack Eye Black Strips – Pink

Your game face brings you confidence and good fortune on a daily basis. At the gym your game face helps you go just that much further on the treadmill. Putting on your game face at work helps you ace those presentations and will get you promoted to CEO in no time! Just imagine what your game face can do for your Wisconsin Badgers with these pink Eye Black Strips. Each strip is made using medical grade tape and features a Wisconsin wordmark on a pink background. The pack of four may not be the ordinary black strips you are used to but they still reduce glare in the same capacity. Your game face is dangerous and most likely considered a weapon of mass destruction by the government but it will be put to good use when you cheer your Badgers to victory!




$ 3.95

Wisconsin Badgers Big Peel & Stick Patch

You?€™re the type of die-hard fanatic who loves to represent their favorite team no matter the situation. At the game you?€™re the one in the stands with the foam finger. In traffic you?€™re the one with the team-spirited decal and at work you?€™re enjoying coffee out of your favorite squad?€™s mug. Now you can easily add some team spirit to your daily activities with this Wisconsin Peel & Stick logo patch. Measuring approximately 5.5″ x 4.25″ and featuring a Wisconsin wordmark this self-adhesive embroidered patch allows you to slap a little Badgers pride on just about anything.




$ 6.95

Wisconsin Badgers Sport Polarized Sunglasses – Cardinal

You can brag and boast to all of your friends about your Badgers because you know that they have a bright future. Show off just how bright when you Sport these team-spirited polarized sunglasses at the next game. These cool team-colored shades feature a Wisconsin wordmark on the left lens the team name printed on the sides and rubber ends on the arms for a comfortable fit. In these sunglasses you will be able to watch your Wisconsin stars shine with style!




$ 19.95

Coleman Wisconsin Badgers Cardinal Stadium Seat Cushion

Don?€™t let the rock-hard uncomfortable seats keep you from rooting on the Badgers ?€” sit back and relax with this Coleman stadium seat cushion at the next big game. Featuring a vibrant printed team logo and adjustable side straps this comfy seat is the perfect way to keep your back and bottom content and full of team spirit during those long summer games!




$ 24.95

Wisconsin Badgers 4-Pack I Love My U Temporary Tattoos

When you were growing up your parents always advised you against getting a tattoo. The idea of permanently inking yourself terrified them and they did their best to make it seem like a terrifying option to you too. Now that you’re older and a proud Badgers fan you’ve gotten the urge to permanently display your love for Wisconsin ?€” but mom and dad can rest easy because you’ve found this 4-pack of I Love My U temporary tats. These press-on tattoos feature your team colors and school wordmark. They require no water so you can peel them right off when you’re finished with them ?€” much to your parents’ relief. (They don’t know that you have an actual “W” tattoo on your upper back shoulder but what they don’t know can’t hurt ‘em!)




$ 3.95

Wisconsin Badgers Adhesive Bandages

You are such a Badgers fan you bleed cardinal and white. Whenever you get hurt you yell ?€œJump Around!?€ It?€™s silly to your friends but it?€™s the only way you can stand the pain. Next time you get a cut take the pain away with these Wisconsin Badgers adhesive bandages. Each team-spirited tin includes ten standard five football-shaped and five small Badgers-themed waterproof adhesive bandages. Your favorite team will make your boo-boo all better!




$ 7.95

Wisconsin Badgers 2-Pair Cardinal Team-Colored Eye Black Strips

Get your game face on with these Team-Colored Eye Black Strips! Featuring a 2-pair set of stick-on team-colored strips with a stripe down the center and a Badgers team wordmark on the left side this game day accessory is sure to psych out the competition and make you look just like your favorite Wisconsin player!




$ 3.95

Wisconsin Badgers Face Paint with Stencils

Take the idea of showing your true colors literally when you get crazy for the next Badgers game with the help of this face paint and stencil kit. Each kit includes three paint rounds a small application sponge and team-spirited stencils as well as directions for quick application so you can get the wily Wisconsin party started!




$ 10.95

Wisconsin Badgers Cardinal 10-Pack 11” Round Latex Party Balloons

Raise your Wisconsin fanaticism to new heights with these 11″ helium-quality latex balloons. Each balloon in this pack of 10 features Badgers-inspired graphics on the front to help you transform your tailgate or party space into a team-spirited extravaganza!




$ 3.95

Wisconsin Badgers Clink-N-Drink Magnetic Bottle Opener

Add an extra dash of Badgers spirit and convenience to your next tailgate with this Clink-N-Drink magnetic bottle opener featuring a vibrant team logo! It is easily mounted to SUVs the fridge or any other flat metal surface with heavy-duty rubber coated magnets. You can open your beverages one-handed ?€” and it makes cleanup a cinch because the magnets also catch the bottle caps and cluster them on the face!




$ 24.95

Wisconsin Badgers Womens 24-Pack Fingernail Appliques

Kick your Wisconsin game day look up a notch with this 24-pack of nail appliques! The variety of Badgers-colored designs will provide an adorable look that lasts longer than nail polish and the easy-to-follow directions will have you ready to cheer for your Badgers in no time. It?€™s definitely easier than making a mess trying to paint your nails then waiting for them to dry. Save some time and get out there to show your fellow fans how a real Wisconsin gal shows off her love for the team with these nail decals!




$ 12.95

Wisconsin Badgers Small Peel & Stick Patch

Your best pair of jeans are destroyed; there?€™s a hole that?€™s messing up your style. Don?€™t chuck out your most comfy pair of pants ?€“ add a little Wisconsin flair to them instead! Peel and stick this embroidered patch to your jeans backpack or even a scrapbook page for some Badgers spirit. The team-colored patch displays the team?€™s wordmark. You?€™re killing two birds with one patch – you get to cover up that hole and show off your amazing Wisconsin fanaticism!




$ 2.95