Wisconsin Badgers Keychains

Wisconsin Badgers LED Pennant Keychain – White/Cardinal

Your garage is Badgers Central. Decked out with all sorts of memorabilia a fully stocked fridge multiple seating arrangements and of course a huge flat screen TV your garage is the place to watch every exciting basketball game. It does have one major disadvantage however ?€” you can?€™t take it with you in your pocket. You can however take a little piece of Wisconsin pride with you wherever you go by hooking this LED Pennant keychain to your keys! Not only does this keychain display the team name a team logo and a basketball image but it also doubles as a handy flashlight ?€” letting you show support for your Wisconsin Badgers while making sure you?€™re never left fumbling around in the dark.




$ 5.95

Wisconsin Badgers Oval Keychain

Sport your pride for the Badgers wherever you travel with this oval keychain which features a full-colored team logo and a brushed metal backing!




$ 7.95

Wisconsin Badgers Safety Clip Lanyard

You take in every opportunity you can to show off your Wisconsin pride. Wear your spirit around your neck and attach it to your keys with this lanyard! It features a woven construction with repeated Wisconsin Badgers graphics. It also provides you with a metal lobster claw clasp and a plastic buckle closure that can easily be unfastened in case of an emergency. Safety comes first ?€” alongside your Badgers of course.




$ 5.95

Wisconsin Badgers Brushed Metal Bottle Opener Keychain

No need to worry when you leave home without your trusty bottle opener!




$ 7.95

Wisconsin Badgers Ladies Bling Logo Keychain

At the last Wisconsin game we noticed you right away ?€“ you were the one wearing Badgers apparel from head to toe. However we noticed that when you were shaking your keys to make noise they were missing team spirit. Show everyone you are the #1 Wisconsin fan by displaying this Bling Logo keychain! This keychain features the team logo inside a diamond-cut charm and team-colored rhinestone accents along the sides. This Badgers-inspired keychain will boast your team pride proudly and show other fans what it takes to become a die-hard fan like yourself.




$ 13.95

Wisconsin Badgers Number One Fan Flashlight Keychain

As a member of Wisconsin’s privileged fan club you always leave your mark. Now you can light the path of a true champion with this Number One Fan keychain! Its hand-shaped design boasts vibrant team colors and a bold team logo. Also featuring a bright flashlight at the tip of the index finger this fun spirited keychain is sure to add a whole lot of Badgers enthusiasm to anyone?€™s life!




$ 5.95

Wisconsin Badgers High Definition Keychain

Keep track of your keys as you’re putting the pedal to the metal with this team spirited high definition keychain!




$ 5.95

Wisconsin Badgers Black Carabiner Clip Keychain

Get ready to cheer on Wisconsin every day when you use this carabiner clip keychain featuring an oval metal Badgers logo on the strap!




$ 7.95

Wisconsin Badgers Rounded Zebra Print Keychain

Some may call your taste flashy and loud but to you that?€™s no insult! Show ?€˜em that you can have glitzy team spirit with the Rounded Zebra Print keychain. Your radiant Badgers pride will shine with the rounded charm outlined in rhinestones featuring a Wisconsin logo over black and white zebra print. Plus a metal lobster claw clasp is attached to the charm so you can attach this keychain to anything with ease. This gleaming display of team pride will show any naysayers that your Wisconsin style is unique and strong!




$ 8.95

Wisconsin Badgers Silvertone Bottle Opener Keychain

Crack open a cold one for your Badgers with this bottle opener keychain! Featuring a domed school logo and a clasp for instant access this keychain will keep you prepared for an impromptu team-spirited party no matter where you are.




$ 8.95

Wisconsin Badgers LED Eco Light Keychain

Your Badgers pride is already lighting the way for a lifetime of rowdy games and countless sports-themed events. Now you never have to fumble in the darkness again for your keys when you attach them to this LED Eco Light keychain. It features a colorful acrylic team logo two bright LED lights and a turning handle that revs up your battery life. Just be careful not to get too carried away and wind for hours ?€” a simple two minutes will give you five additional minutes of pure LED light and a powerful boost of Wisconsin spirit.




$ 9.95

Wisconsin Badgers 6′ Mini Tape Measure Keychain

You never know what sizable things you’ll stumble across when you’re far from the reaches of your toolbox. Be prepared to show off your handyman skills and your Badgers pride with this Wisconsin mini tape measure keychain. It features a domed team logo and retractable 6′ tape. With this Wisconsin measuring tape you will be able to measure anything from your friend’s foam mascot head to the size of your new grill on a moment’s notice.




$ 7.95

Wisconsin Badgers Embroidered Key Chain

You love to boast your Badgers pride everyday. Keep your favorite team close to you with this Wisconsin embroidered key chain. This team-spirited key chain features the Badgers logo embroidered on both sides for a double dose of team swag. Displaying your team love just got a whole lot easier!




$ 4.95

Wisconsin Badgers Girly Girl Keychain

Ladies keep your keys on the Girly Girl rectangular keychain featuring a key ring lobster claw clip for quick removal team logo and color scheme with feminine and geometric designs.




$ 6.95